/ Quality

Inspection & Quality are our top priorities

While our pipes are manufactured to comply with international standards, meeting customer expectations is our top priority. PT. Bonna Indonesia delivers at the end of each project the End of Manufacturing Report (EMR), which encompasses all controls made.

Each project is unique and we are dedicated to provide our customer with high quality and a total solution, thanks to our experience and the Bonna RCCP technology, which is the only one to have the full range of solutions from different pipe diameters to custom-made fittings.

PT. Bonna Indonesia designs the right solution for each project according to the site conditions (soft soils, seismic areas…) and sets high quality standards, while ensuring safety of operation and project planning delivery.

All of our products are subjected to detailed inspection plans...

  • Examining the manufacturing request
  • Taking delivery of the raw materials and fittings in compliance with the standards
  • Inspecting the dimensions of the end joints
  • Inspection of dimensions and of watertightness of the steel cylinders
  • Inspection of the reinforcements
  • Quality of the concrete
  • Concrete casting
  • Inspection & tests of finished products
  • Qualification of staff and of methods
  • Control of inspection, measurement, and testing instruments

... with adaptation to local environment. At PT Bonna Indonesia factory:

  • Washing process of sand and aggregates is performed
  • Operation and Control is performed 24/7 as per internal quality procedures
  • Aggregates are conforming with ASTM C33
  • Welders are certified
  • 3rd party can be delegated

Quality control milestones met during RCCP production


QC 1: Rolling & Bending steel plate


  • Taking delivery of the steel plate in compliance with the standards
  • Control and measurement of the steel plates

QC 2: Welding, Assembly of rings


  • Measuring dimensions of the steel cylinder
  • Measuring dimensions of end rings

QC 3: Full welding & Capillary test

  • Capillary test to control the watertightness
  • Control of welding

QC 4: Hydrotest for every steel cylinders

  • Control of steel cylinder watertightness
  • Control of mechanical characteristics

QC 5: Steel bar reinforcement

  • Taking delivery of the reinforcement wires in compliance with the standards



QC 6: Fitting the cage over steel cylinder

  • Measuring dimensions of the steel cylinder
  • Measuring dimensions of the end rings

QC 7: Vertical casting

  • Taking delivery of sand, gravel, cement and water in compliance with the standards
  • Washing sand & gravel with machines
  • Control of concrete strength

QC 8: Unmoulding

  • Control of concrete casting
  • Control of concrete quality

QC 9: Curing

  • Control of concrete quality


QC 9: Finishing and QC Inspection

  • Control and test of finished products
  • Final dimension measurements

QC 10: Delivery on-site

  • Inspection of trucks
  • Spools approved by 3rd party when required