A leading pressure pipes manufacturer in Southeast Asia

PT Bonna Indonesia, Consolis' Joint Venture between Bonna Sabla and the Indonesian leader in reinforced concrete cylinder pipes (RCCP) Dusaspun, has been in operation since 1993. The company has become Indonesia’s main supplier of RCCP complete solutions. In its 75,000m2 factory located 30km south of Jakarta, PT Bonna Indonesia manufactures composite pressure pipes, special fittings, anchor blocks, mattress and ballast materials, and many other customized concrete products. All in all, around 10,000 m of concrete elements are produced there each year.

PT Bonna Indonesia's key competitive advantage is that it is the only nationwide supplier of the Bonna Pipe, a special high-strength RCCP composite design with great resistance to mechanical stress, and high compressive and tensile strengths. The Bonna Pipe is also extremely resistant to corrosion, even when submerged in seawater. The Bonna Pipe the flagship product of the subsidiary, sold in Indonesia elsewhere such as China, Malaysia and New Caledonia.

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Thanks to the thriving Indonesian economy and a national plan to increase drastically the electrical production capabilities in Indonesia by 35,000MW by 2024, PT Bonna Indonesia is currently experiencing a great market demand and is currently producing more than 5km of cooling pipes – with diameters ranging from 1.2m to 3.5m – for three major coal-fired power plants in Indonesia and in the Philippines.

Furthermore, in order to tackle the increased demand and the future challenges of the market, PT Bonna Indonesia has implemented an investment plan recently to increase its production capabilities. PT Indonesia is also collaborating closely with Bonna Sabla to develop a tailor-made solutions. The outcome of this close collaboration has led to the VLDP (Very Large Diameter Pipe) with an impressive 4.8m diameter.